Tom Stinson

I breathe, love and teach Math. Love the NBA and movies. When I'm not in the classroom or doing class prep, I'm spending time with my beautiful family - my wife and 2 children.

Boston, MA

Desmond Lam

Former Founding Member and Teacher Evangelist of & - making a difference everyday in those who are untouched by the current education system

Karen Reynolds-chen

Special Education teacher, and mom of 2.I'm always looking for engaging activities that the kids would be interested in. I love this site!

Ruth Tsang


Panos Pcm

German Learner

I.c.n Tungbros

Founders Nephew. Goes to St.Georges school in Vancouver BC #powermovesonly #can'tstopwon'tstop

Sam Reali

Constantly meta-thinking about teaching. Screaming from the outside in about education policy. Avid reader.

Sandra Watson

English teacher, swim team coach, wife and mom with 2 kids. Passionate about teaching and integrating technology to promote learning.

Andrew Kwan

Founder of Edore. I'm a programmer, learner and aspiring educator. Join us on Edore's mission to instill passion for learning in everyone. Empower educators with a platform to create.