Andrew Kwan

Founder of Edore. I'm a programmer, learner and aspiring educator. Join us on Edore's mission to instill passion for learning in everyone. Empower educators with a platform to create.

Palo Alto, California and Hong Kong

Demo Good Character

This is a demo account to highlight how we can utilize Edore to publish content and build an open community around it. Content can be discovered, shared, remixed, and assigned to classroom use.

Desmond Lam

Former Founding Member and Teacher Evangelist of & - making a difference everyday in those who are untouched by the current education system

Sandra Watson

English teacher, swim team coach, wife and mom with 2 kids. Passionate about teaching and integrating technology to promote learning.

Sam Reali

Constantly meta-thinking about teaching. Screaming from the outside in about education policy. Avid reader.

Tom Stinson

I breathe, love and teach Math. Love the NBA and movies. When I'm not in the classroom or doing class prep, I'm spending time with my beautiful family - my wife and 2 children.


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