Andrew Kwan  @andrew


Co-founded Peacock - viral offers on Twitter, lifelong learner, former SugarSync and Yahoo software engineer, Harvard AB in economics, Stanford MS in computer science and MS in management science & engineering.

"We can have the fanciest tablets, the most adaptive learning systems, plenty of bandwidth, the most comprehensive curriculum - but if we haven't solved student motivation, we are still at stage 0. No more lip service. Let's build and give teachers and students the right tools they need."

Michael Luk  @michael

Engineering Lead

Started an app development outsourcer, self-taught programmer, dropped out of high school and dropped back into vocational institute.

"In high school, I couldn't see the relevance of what I was learning, so I dropped out. With Edore, we have the opportunity to make learning truly resonate with students and shape their lives earlier."

Teachers, Students, Educators and Administrators to Thank

So many teachers, students, educators and administrators have helped us along the way with brainstorming, co-developing our product, asking good questions and just being generous with their advice. You have been our muse and inspiration - thank you to all of you.

In particular, here is a partial but incomplete list that we would like to thank: Andrew, Anna, Ayeesha, Ben, Chien, Chris, Frances, Gabriel, Kate, Matthew, Neil, Natalie, Renee, Salome, Ty, Valerie and many, many of you. Thank you.

If you are an educator and would like to get involved beyond using our product (and there are many ways you can), please contact us at