Pedagogy + Manifesto

Motivated Learning is Better Learning

We hold this truth to be self-evident, that students learn better when they are more motivated. Together, let us leverage topics that students already love by framing their education in those topics.

When we start transforming a multiplication problem into a sports question, students often begin to see the "why" in learning.

Improve Mastery through Applying Knowledge

We believe mastery can be better developed and assessed when students are able to apply knowledge across multiple domains.

Low-quality assessments are frequently defeated by students doing pattern matching, but when practice and assessment comes in various forms and domains from an open community, students are challenged to go beyond the mechanics and engage in deep problem-solving.

For example, when students can do 750 times 85%, they have merely demonstrated the "how" of doing percentages. But if in addition, students are able to apply these mechanics to a variety of domains (such as calculating after-tax earnings of their favorite musicians or touchdown pass completions), we know they have begun to master the "what" and "why" of percentages.

We Teach Better, Together

Edore is an open platform because no single teacher can master the interests of all students. Collectively though, the world of educators will be able to create, adapt and refine exercises that can relate to everyone.

For every teacher, we aim to provide the best platform and tools to motivate students. And for every student, we aim to provide exercises that can resonate with his or her passion and identity.