What are some ways I can use Edore?

  • Prepare your students for the Common Core in a way that gets their interest level up. Check out our Common Core assessment and practice.
  • Help your students see the "why" in learning. For example, letting them see Math applied in sports, culture and daily life will help fight the misconception of Math being dry, boring and painful.
  • Get inspired by other people's ideas on education. How do they teach figurative language in a way students can easily grasp?
  • Don't just blog about your exercise ideas. Write out your ideas by creating an exercise on Edore and then blog about it. This will enable others to do your exercises online and give feedback.
  • Have students create exercises themselves and select the best ones for homework. Do this in a computer lab and watch them enjoy having ownership over what's for homework.
  • Automatically grade student homework. See more details.

What are the steps to use Edore for my class?

You can use Edore for your class with literally a few minutes of setup. Follow the steps below.

  • Sign up.
  • Find an existing set (e.g. our Common Core assessment and practice). Or you can collect exercises into a new set.
  • When you are happy with the set, click "Assign". If you haven't created a class, you will be asked to do so.
  • Creating a class is simple. Just fill in title and grade level, and you are good to go. Our system will generate a code for your class.
  • Distribute that class code when you see your students. They can join your class on signup and work on the material you have assigned.

That's it. If you use an existing set, from signup to getting a class code will take less than 5 minutes.

What is an exercise?

An exercise is any educational content that is interactive. It can be a problem, a practice exercise, a sample question, an assessment or even a mini lesson plan.

What is a set?

A set is a collection of exercises. Sets primarily have two main uses:

  • Use it like a problem set.
    You can assign a set as online homework, supplements or assessment to a class. Students then complete the exercises online. Sets for this purpose usually have functional names like "7A Math Problem Set 1".
  • Use it like an ideas folder.
    You can collect exercises for reference and inspiration. Sets for this purpose usually have theme-based names like "Favorites" or "NBA and Math".

What is collect / like / assign / adapt / follow?

  • Collect: Collect exercises into a set.
  • Like: Like an exercise or a set. You can access these exercises and sets later from your profile.
  • Assign: Assign a set to your class.
  • Adapt: Adapt an existing exercise. Build off your previous work or the community's work.
  • Follow: Follow educators who create great exercises and sets.

How does assign work?

On Edore, assigning is done through sets. Collect a bunch of exercises you like into a set, then assign that set to a class.

If you see a set made by others that you want to assign, just click "assign". Once you do that, you get a new set that is identical, except now it belongs to you. You can add / remove other exercises to it, change the set name etc. as you like.

How does automatic grading work?

If you find yourself grading pencil-and-paper worksheets with preset answers, we can help you.

Let's say your worksheet is about converting 10 verbs into the past tense. 2 classes each with 20 students later, you are checking 400 verb conversions just for one worksheet. No open-ended answers are involved here - just straightforward, preset answers. Start using Edore as an online homework platform so you can take advantage of automatic grading. Any time you save, you can pour it back into your students.

It works like this. When you create an exercise about converting 10 verbs, you will need 10 answer boxes. In our exercise editor, you can specify the correct answer for each answer box. For example, if the first verb is "run", then you can specify that the first answer box has "ran" as the answer. An answer box can have 1 specific answer or several possible answers.

When students complete your worksheet online through Edore, our system can check each student answer against the ones you provide. You can even specify how many attempts they get to submit their work before the final score is assessed.

Can I grade manually?

Of course. For open-ended answers, we highly encourage manual grading. We aim to empower, not restrict. You can even choose automatic grading for an exercise and adjust the final score.